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Archery is growing at a rapid pace and there is a newer, younger generation of archers that are now the future of our sport. I really felt a need for a hard rocking symbol that we can wear in our everyday lifestyle that shows “Who we are”.

Nock On is a mark that I feel really everyone can enjoy. It’s a logo for everyone who rocks with this archery lifestyle. Regardless of the team you represent, Nock On represents ARCHERY and all of us that are part of it. This symbol and the TV show is a celebration to all of you out there that spend time with a stick and string. I feel there is a new breed of archers today.

There are the ones that live for the competition line and spend countless hours perfecting their shot execution. It takes incredible discipline and my hats off to those that are making those commitments today. I’ve been there and know how motivated you have to be to stay on top of the tournament game. I can also tell you it is worth every minute of it! There are also the Diehard hunters and outdoor athletes that have an undying motivation to chase big game and be prepared for the next adventure. The people that live for every spare minute they can have sitting a stand, calling elk, chasing turkeys or anything else they can shoot an arrow at..

There is just so much fun to be had with a Bow and Arrow and the best people I know are from archery. Literally, from one end of the globe to the other there are men, women and children that spend every spare minute they can shooting bows and giving back to this sport. That is what it is all about and this mark embraces that lifestyle and the determination to achieve another trophy with your bow.

In my mind there is no better family than the archery family we are all in this for the same reason, because we love it! Nock On. We aren’t just hobbyist anymore. We are lifers to the sport and strive for having fun and enjoying our friends who love it to. Although most arrows find the middle, sometimes one just falls short during that moment when you needed it most. That is what pushes us though is overcoming these challenges and going after it again. There is always another arrow in the quiver, so NOCK ON.