hoyt2 The tagline “Get Serious Get Hoyt” is so well said. I have always liked the craftsmanship of Hoyt since I can remember seeing bows on a rack. I feel fortunate to have used different brands in the past because it gives me more appreciation for the durability and build of a Hoyt. I have been asked many times, “what is the biggest difference between bows that are out there”? Honestly, Hoyt stands alone in toughness and durability. I went from traveling with 2 and sometimes 3 bows for international tournaments and hunts to only taking 1. I always said that you could drive a truck over them and they would still shoot. Now with the carbon matrix videos it has been proven, you actually can. Hoyts are for the serious archers hands down!
stack4dark_bckgrnd Where would I be without Easton? I don’t even want to think about that one. They have everything I need and have been there for EVERYTHING I have ever shot. Seriously EVERY score and EVERY animal I have shot have been with an Easton. I love the selection and versatility of their lineup. I don’t think I even need to say why I use Easton. It is a no brainer!
fuse Fuse is a division of Hoyt and they focus on high end accessories. I can say a lot about them but these are products you need to hold in your hand and see for yourself. There is no quiver on the market that is better than Fuse. When the first quiver was out I wasn’t at Hoyt yet and I wanted one! The same engineers that can think up something as sweet as a carbon matrix are also working on accessories! I have always said your bow is only as good as the parts you put on it. Don’t buy a thousand dollar bow and then cut yourself short by putting junk on it! Invest in accessories that won’t let you down!
wc HALELUYAH! That’s what I have to say about WC. I hate building strings and I hate using strings that change! It is the most frustrating part of archery. Even when I wasn’t supposed to be shooting WC (because I worked at a company that made their own strings) I still bought them for my personal bows! They are the best on the market and have a great warranty for the everyday consumer buying his own. They are weatherproof and stretch proof! I love them. You can have them made any way you want. I like straight up Flo green 8125 with Halo end servings in white! That’s my style.
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Sure Loc is a brand I have trusted 95% of my professional career. I have traveled nearly 750,000 miles with these sights and they are always there for me. They are lightweight and tough. I have never cracked a scope rod or had anything come apart. This year there is new ownership and I am excited to see some new advancements in the future!

Carter Logo Carter is a brand I have undyingly trusted for as long as I can remember. Jerry and April Carter are now dear friends to me and I am continually amazed that Jerry keeps inventing stuff that makes me want to change what I am already using. Great Products with TONS of selection.
Trophy Taker My best description for these products are “Bullet Proof” whether it is the fall away, the spring steel rest or the Shuttle T Loc broadheads, these products are built to take a beating and keep on eating. I like using things I can count on through all the rough travels I make and I have never had any problems with my Trophy Takers. Not to mention, great people!
bcy I have been using the BCY material on my strings for as long as I can remember. I have all my Winners Choice built with BCY 8125 currently. In the past I have had great results also with the 452X. There is no doubt that BCY is the leader in premium string materials.

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf makes the best stands and are again some of the best people in our industry. They are a family built on quality businesses and Lone Wolf is all about being the best stands in the tree. I have sat on a Lone Wolf as much as I have a airplane seat which says a lot. I think I would prefer a lone wolf instead of the plane seat actually. Comfy, Quiet, and Adjustable. What more do you need!

danage For nearly 5 years I have been using the DANAGE target archery systems. What I really like about these targets is they specialize in making a target that stops not only my bigger diameter arrows but also my small diameter target arrows. The has a specialized foam and a PowerStop “parachute” like backing to aid in stopping arrows without an damage and are then easy to pull. They are a very unique system in that they are built in dominos that insert into a simple frame. As you shoot out one area you can remove the top of the frame and slide your dominos out and reinstall or shift them around so that fresh foam is behind your main impact area. These targets are not designed for broadhead use though!

I have had a Yamaha Rhino since they first came on the market. Since that first green one I have upgraded to the new camo EFI 700. I put it to use every day whether I am taking out targets, plowing snow, hanging stands, doing yard work or best of all haulin’ out big bucks. I have had a lot of ATV’s and this is one I can’t live without. There are lots of options on the market and through my travels with other hunters and outfitters I have seen them all. I am glad I got my Rhino and I would buy the same one again!

This is a brand that everyone knows! I have always been athletic and ever since the first UA clothes hit the stores I have owned them. They are a high performance company with high performance guys behind the scenes. I was so pumped to see them jump into the hunting arena. What I like is they aren’t afraid of offering lots of varieties and continue to push the envelope with styles and fabrics. If you are a high performance hunter then what other option is there?

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A big part of Nock On is the education we give on your gear and making sure your equipment is being use correctly. Lancaster Archery is a awesome place to find every kind of archery tackle you could want. I have personally been a customer to Lancaster for over a decade. I relied on them at tournaments as a pro archer and continued to use them once I was an archery dealer and now still use them today. If you are looking for a great place to find your gear and also talk with some very knowledgeable people about it then contact Lancaster Archery. They carry nearly every product you see on Nock On TV

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